Author and costume historian Dawn Devine aka Davina has written more than a dozen books on belly dance costume history, construction, and design.  Her book, “Embellished Bras” is a best-seller on Amazon. “The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut” is the definitive book on the history, technology, and use of the cloth we all love Assiut. Her writings have appeared in print and digital magazines and are featured on her website Davina did her master’s work at the University of California at Davis in Art History, and brings the rigor of academia to her entertaining, and sometimes wacky presentations about costume history. Currently, Dawn hosts a lively and creative group on FaceBook called “Studio Davina” where folks can share their projects in progress for advice, feedback, and lots of love and support from a rowdy bunch of dancers, costumers, and fans of belly dance costume design.  She lives in Silicon Valley, with her hubby and two cats, as well as a very effective coffee maker. 

Dawn Devine / Davina

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"120 Years of Belly Dance Costume Design"

Join us for a journey through time as Dawn Devine aka Davina presents an informative historical review of the development of Belly Dance Costume.  This 90-minute slide-show presentation will present a time-line of shape, form, materials, techniques, and transmission of ideas in media throughout the past 120 years. 

Learn how costume change and evolution was fueled by a number of factors, often quite unrelated to belly dance. Technological innovation drove the 20th century, and our costume construction and design integrated new materials in surface design and embellishment.  Media changed as first movies, then television, and later the internet created a broader spread of visual information about style and design, impacting performers and their costumes.

Over 500 images, bring this slide presentation to life! This popular workshop is as entertaining as it is informative!  This presentation includes a printable handout that traces this developmental timeline of belly dance costume over the past 120 years. 

Bring some paper and a pencil and be prepared to make notes, sketches, and be inspired!


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