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An Online Lecture with

Danielle Schoon

Learn about Turkish Roman ('Gypsy') dance -  its characteristics and basic movement vocabulary. Danielle will also cover some aspects of Turkish Roman culture based on her experiences doing long term research in Istanbul, Turkey. A large part of Danielle's research was done in a now-demolished Roma neighborhood known as Sulukule, which was famous for its 'entertainment houses' where people went to hear music and see dancers. The neighborhood was demolished in 2009 due to an urban renewal project. Danielle will talk about the impact of these kinds of projects on urban Roma communities, and how they are responding using music and dance.

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Danielle Schoon has a Master's degree in Dance from the Department of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA and is a part-time Lecturer in the Department of Dance at The Ohio State University. 


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Saturday, ​April 27th

3:30 PM PDT /  6:30 PM EDT