Doing more with less is a hard skill to tackle. Once achieved though, the dancer will feel less stressed, enjoy the performing more, and in turn, so will the audience! In this online class, Amity Alize will show you how to utilize certain dynamics that Belly Dancers commonly forget or underutilize. This includes incorporating body lines into your dance and matching them with emotional changes, changes in strength and intention, using height changes, and more. We’ll break down the technique and then apply in short combos for you to practice or incorporate into your performances. (Suitable for all levels)


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Our virtual workshops are small group classes with 2-way interaction between the instructor

and our in-studio students. Attendees can ask questions and get feedback - just like in an in-person class.

​Sunday, February 10th

​3:30 - 5:30 PM

How To Work Smarter, Not Harder - 
and Make Your Performances Pop!

with Amity Alize

Dancers tend to feel pressure to add more things to their dance, whether it be more moves, more tricks, or just more motion in general. We try to add the entire kitchen sink of our movement vocabulary into a performance and then we fill it with fireworks in fear of being boring. This is actually counterproductive, exhausting, and not an esthetic that originates from the roots of Belly dance. This method does not give the dancer breathing room to enjoy the moment. Despite dancers taking this busy approach, audiences prefer to see dancers enjoying their dancing and sharing it with them, not throwing it at them.